Aleš Zemánek - founder and CEO of AZUB

Stéphane and Manue


Myopic, no sense of direction, a funny choice for a world tour captain! But it does not matter. His motivation for the discovery of the world and his thirst for adventure will be his best assets. This young fool takes advantage of every moment and see the good side of any situation. His optimism and his ability to make friends will spare us difficult times. He will drive our magnificent vehicle on the roads to elsewhere.

Date of Birth: 6 Feb 1986
What he did in life before: Industrial engineer
What made him want to leave: the fear of becoming someone serious, experiencing the freedom to wander just for fun
He likes: When you go fast pedaling, sausage, sandwiches
He does not like: falls


The good storer: trained for 3 years with Burgundian scouts. Able to light a fire with some pebbles and a match already used, ready to pee in the woods and build a foliage hut before dark. Got the explorer badge at only 12 years old. She will be a navigator, photographer and will make sure that we eat something other than pasta for a year.

Date of Birth: May 8, 1986
What she did in life before: wind developer
What made him want to leave: change his life, do something crazy to get out of the tracks on which we are since school, take time to live at our pace and see the world
She likes: taking pictures from the back of the tandem while driving
She does not like: fish and seafood





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