Aleš Zemánek - founder and CEO of AZUB

Gökben and Nico


Since she’s a baby, she got used to travel with her parents and her sisters all around Turkey. She grew up in Ankara, reinforced her passion to travel during her childhood, devouring Jules Verne’s novels that had been offered for her birthdays, such as “Five weeks in a balloon”. “around the world in eighty days” or “Michel Strogoff”. She was having fun drawing her heroes’ routes on her parents’ atlas book; a way to travel according to her.

At the Gazi university where she has studied, book travels were no longer enough for her. She then found a new passion through rock climbing and alpinism, and organized school trips all over Turkey to discover her country and climb its highest peaks. Then she needed to see something else, abroad preferably, beyond her country’s borders. During two years, she spent her summer vacation in the USA, working and saving enough money to ba able to travel along the east coast. Meeting Nicolas, she shares with him her love for her country … and hers. After many week-ends and vacation back-packing all around Turkey and Georgia, the idea of living a nomadic life as a lifestyle comes up through the “Frogs On Wheels” project. She thinks that finally, after meeting lots of travellers by bicycle, “why not us” …


Nicolas has caught the travel bug since his first travel trip out of France, visiting Tahiti, where some of his relatives used to live. This passion won’t leave him anymore. He dreams about being a pilot and leaving to Australia with his diploma under his belt. He travels a bit during his university but enjoys few trips in Spain, England and Greece. Then he leaves France to travel for eighteen months in Canada and the USA through a work-holiday visa. He blends volunteering, odd jobs and a six-month road-trip in a van all over North America. Once back, he finds a one-year position in Turkey where he will finally stay nearly three years after he has met Gökben. After having travelled through Turkey, Hungary and Georgia, they both decide to think on a big scale, specially after hosting many travellers by bicycle stopping by Ankara. For them also, future will be drawn by bike along the roads of the world.







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