Excellent! We’re happy you have come all the way to here. We really appreciate it!

The vast majority of our bikes are custom-built exactly according to the requirements of their future owners. The whole process of ordering may be a bit lengthy for some, but it’s a lot of fun! Hey, there is probably nothing more delightful awaiting you in the next few days… The texts in our new configurator will help you choose the right components or you can also ask our experienced dealers for assistance or you can contact us directly. We’ll be happy to help you with anything.

Experience the impossible while you wait! Two day miracles, enquire within!

We’re kidding. The reality is slightly different. After all, we shall be building a truly unique model for you!

The delivery time of our bikes depends on which part of the year you order in for your dream machine. In the winter, we are sometimes incredibly fast and some bicycles reach their owners in only 10 days, but in the busiest season delivery can take up to 6 weeks. In addition, the delivery times may also be affected by the country you live in (length of the actual journey and customs process), and at times also by the availability of special components or their combinations. If the delivery time is really important for you, do not hesitate to discuss it with your AZUB dealer or directly with us.

The whole bike or just a spare part?

It does not matter!

Anywhere in the world!

Collaboration with a partner store

Our dealers list contains about 70 partner stores in more than 20 countries all over the world, including such exotic destinations as the Canary Islands or the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. If you are lucky and live in a country where one of our dealers is located, contact them directly and they will answer all your questions, advise you on the right components and order your dream bike for you as well. After delivery, the dealer will assemble the bike together, check everything, adjust it to fit your body and then he will hand it over to you ready to go. We believe this is the best way to provide you with all the necessary service for many years to come while also supporting entrepreneurs in your area.

We have met most of our dealers in person, many we have visited several times, and some of them have become great friends. All are experts in their field, they know everything there is to know about recumbents and they are able to give you really good advice.

Approach AZUB directly

If you live in a country where there is no AZUB dealer or if the nearest one is too far away from where you live, contact us at AZUB directly. We regularly send our bicycles to all corners of the world. In these cases we exclusively use the best carriers, such as FedEx, TNT or the German DHL. We are directly responsible for the transport and we are able to deal with any complaints you may have often on the basis of photos and descriptions you give us. And you don’t even have to be fluent in English, with Google translator we can easily understand Spanish, Italian, as well as Mandarin or Japanese.

Come and visit us!

Would you like to come and visit us? Or pick your bike up from here? We would love to see you. Or if you prefer, you can order your bicycle at one of our dealers and pick it up directly from us. We will be happy to show you around and give you some tips on some trips around our beautiful region. However, we cannot guarantee that you will see your own bike being built. The process takes several days and at the moment, we don’t have the facilities to accommodate such requests. Nevertheless, we can happily recommend an amazing small hotel in a neighbouring village to you!

Every five years, we organize a big Czech recumbent meeting, a fantastic opportunity for owners of recumbent bikes to meet together. And it does not matter whether they ride AZUBs, HP Velotechnik or their unique models built at home. Follow our Facebook or sign up for mailing to make sure to know all about the meeting in time. So far, the meetings took place in Nivnice in 2005, 2010, 2015 and more are planned for 2020, 2025, etc…

Where can I find the pricelist?

In the past, we used to print tens of thousands of pricelists. Now we have decided enough is enough and want to stop wasting the resources that Mother Nature produced. Though having just a simple pdf document on our website seems a little old-fashioned nowadays. We wanted all the configuration options we have on offer to be well arranged and explained, so we have spent two years of hard work on our new online configurator where you can find almost everything. And what you cannot find, you can put in the note with your order. However, here on our web you can still find the basic prices of our models and accessories as well as the recommended configurations for your bikes.

Chek out our price lists in PDF

T-Tris 20 EUR USD
T-Tris 26 EUR USD
Ibex 26 EUR USD
Ibex 24 EUR USD
Origami EUR USD
All price lists in ZIP EUR USD


Our basic pricelist is listed in Euros. It is valid both for deliveries to the European Union and outside it. When we send outside the EU, we deduct VAT and add transport charges. If you happen to live in such countries, drop us a line and we will explain exactly how it works.

The only exception is the United States of America, for which we have prepared a pricelist in USD. These prices include shipping charges, customs fess and all associated costs (not including sales tax). This price list is valid only for US customers.

If you want to pay in USD and you live outside the US, we do not have a problem with it, but the Euro pricelist will be used to calculate the price which will then be converted to the current exchange rate.

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